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Betabel RV Park Rates


Betabel RV Park offers discounts with the following proof of membership shown at check-in:

Senior Citizens (AARP 65+)

Good Sam's Club members

Members of AAA

Discounted rates are $57.60 per night plus tax.

Betabel RV Park offers the following rates:

* Rates are subject to change - Please call in before your cancellation period ends to check

* RV washing permitted by proffesional services only and a Betabel $10 water usage fee applies to each wash

Daily: $64.00 per night plus tax

Weekly: $399.00 per week plus tax

  • Deposit of $50 per week required when making the reservation
  • Max deposit is $200 for a 4 week reservation
  • Deposit will be applied to the 1st week's stay once checked in
  • Allowed stay is for 4 weeks then must leave for two days minimum before returning on a new reservation

Basic Monthly:

  • $1000 per month for two individuals
  • Does not include electricity (sites are metered and usage will be added to your next invoice)
  • San Benito Transient Occupancy Tax charged on the first month
  • Can only stay for 7 months then must completely vacate for one week before returning to start a new reservation
Additional guests above 2 adults and 2 children charged at $5.00 per night (ie: 3 adults = $5.00 or 3 children = $5.00)
  • Please ensure you book only what you will stay
  • All reservation have a minimum of 72 hours cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival
  • Calls to cancel must be received before noon, 3 calendar days prior to your scheduled arrival
  • Electric vehicle charging is not allowed onsite for Daily and Weekly guests
  • Daily reservations (1 night to 6 nights) will be charged one night's stay
  • Weekly reservations will be charged one nights stay per week cancelled (1 night for one week, 2 night for 2 weeks, etc)
  • Recieving packages will result in a $10.00 service charge and are required to be delivered to the office
  • Unless you are a current monthly guest, be aware you may only stay at the weekly rate for 4 weeks and then leave for two nights
  • You may only come back on a new weekly reservation after being completely out for two nights
  • Monthly applicantes are taken on a queue basis meaning those that have been on several 4 week reservations are chosen first
  • Limit of 2 pets (regardless of species) allowed per reservation
  • Rottweiler, Doberman and Pit Bulls are prohibited
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